Stay ahead of your Human Resources (HR) challenges.

Unless you've faced the challenges of HR yourself, it can be tough to understand how to help alleviate HR woes. We've been there, and we'd love to help.

Who ever thought just complying with all these rules and regulations could be so complicated? Well, obviously you know because you do this everyday. That's why we arm our clients with tools, support, and information.

We can help you stay ahead of your employment files and records, harassment prevention and guidance, Equal Employment Opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Act, electronic communication, and Health Care Reform compliance. We'll help you put concerns and worries about penalties, lawsuits, or data breaches behind you.

Benchmark Benefits offers easy access to the information and resources needed to prevent these mistakes. From the ability to customize a downloadable employee handbook, to guidelines for employee termination, to an automated regulatory compliance service that assures the transmission and receipt of SBC and other key documents...we've got you covered. Our technology reduces the time and hassle of all the “red tape” that can trip you up and result in unexpected costs.

Human Resources Support at your Fingertips

From supervising employees and staying compliant with health Care Reform to complying with federal and state labor laws, we will help you every step of the way with attorney-reviewed tools, guidelines and forms.

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Employer/Employee Portal

In recent years, there have been a lot of changes in the health insurance industry. One positive change is the use of technology to better serve customers. The technology we offer is a logical step in the right direction. Access a flexible and easy to use web app that streamlines benefit enrollment, management and communication.

Compliance Administration

Increased regulations have dramatically changed the way business is managed. This new environment brings administrative and economic challenges. The right documentation begins with compliance, which entails keeping up with the spiraling number of government regulations and how they affect your business.