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You should expect seamless performance from your benefits administration system.

You can now seamlessly share information with/from your favorite benefits administration and payroll services software.

Out With the old Way

  • No Integration
  • Inaccurate Data
  • Redundant Data Entry

In(tegrate) with the New Way

  • Employee Demographics
  • Compensation Changes
  • Payroll Deductions

Here's how it works.


1. Employee record or
payroll deductions
are modified.


2. All necessary notifications are generated and sent.


3. Data modifications are securely transmitted.


4. Changes are recorded and synchronized between systems.

Here's what it does.

Payroll & HRIS

Payroll & HRIS

Our web-based HRIS and payroll solution that ensures your payroll process is easy, accurate and
complete. With our integrated system, you get:

  • Point of sale integrations
  • Online document storage
  • Online check stubs and W-2’s
Ben Admin

Benefit Administration

You get our comprehensive benefit administration system that provides extensive automation for managing your employee benefits. With our integrated system, you get:

  • Comparisons and analyzation
  • Carrier connectivity
  • No minimums

Affordable Care Act

Many employers are not prepared to handle the complexities of Healthcare Reform. We provide the essential components for compliance. With our integrated system, you get:

  • Tracking to determine employee eligibility
  • Calculates affordable, ACA compliant deductions
  • IRS reporting- Forms 1094-C and 1095-C
Tim and Labor Hourglass

Time & Labor

Time & Labor provides real-time analytics, controls overtime, and improves employee attendance habits. With our integrated system, you get:

  • Real time payroll monitoring
  • View, create, and change schedules
  • Instance-driven, scheduled, and standard reports


Our system allows employees to complete their new-hire forms online, eliminating the redundancy
and burden of entry into multiple systems. With our integrated system, you get:

  • Form I-9, Form W-4, and state tax forms
  • Custom HR forms
Tax Credits

Tax Credits

The software identifies and calculates tax credits that reduce the tax obligations of many businesses, putting more money in their pockets. With our integrated system, you get:

  • Text Messaging
  • Online and phone screening
  • Automated tax-credit forms


Our web-based HRIS and payroll solution ensures your payroll process is easy, accurate, and complete.

Finally say goodbye to the headaches and payroll pitfalls.

  • Report writer
  • PTO accruals
  • Point-in-time reporting
  • Effective dating
  • Unlimited concurrent users
  • Custom security roles
  • Workers comp reporting