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Take control of your business' healthcare plan.

You deserve to decide how your company provides the right healthcare to your employees, all while taking control of your ongoing cost to the business.

In the past, the premiums businesses paid for health insurance were set, and there really wasn't any control or ongoing transparency in the process. But that is changing, and we're excited to offer fully-administered level funding insurance plans, also known as self funding insurance plans, to the businesses in our community.

You are in the driver's seat.

Now you can determine your priorities, protect yourself from high claims, ensure you are taking good care of your employees, and dictate an affordable deductible when shopping for health insurance. Plus, your deductible will be based on real-time, ongoing data that we can visit each month to continue to keep your costs down and even earn a rebate of unused dollars at the end of the year. That's right...the insurance company no longer gets to pocket the unused dollars at the end of the do.

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And since we are able to use specific, measurable data in the underwriting process, most folks end up seeing lower no longer have to carry the automatic load of the other insurance plans that are not underwritten under the ACA.

Take control of your healthcare plan: We'll provide you with data to pinpoint areas that are costing you a lot of money. You can then take action to educate employees about establishing ongoing care with a physician (rather than relying on urgent care or the ER), choosing generic drugs over more expensive name-brand drugs, and employing a fun and effective wellness plan.

What can you expect?

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Our clients have seen an average of 30% savings on their premiums. For one client, that translated into saving $110,000 for the year! Our team will also give you the tools to see what factors may be costing your business more money, often adding unnecessary financial burden to your bottom line.

And while saving money is a major factor in your insurance decision, you can also rest assured that your savings don't come with compromises. Benchmark Benefits also offers our business customers free access to the most robust benefit administration platform on the market, we always provide responsive, personal customer service, and we even offer payroll services that sync automatically with the included benefits administration system. This includes payroll and HRIS, ACA compliance help, time and labor analytics and management, onboarding automation, and even tax credit calculations.